Bentley Descartes SS4 Beta kan downloades fra Select Serveren

Benoit Frederique fra Bentley har bedt mig sætte denne meddelse op:
I wanted to let you know that we released the beta of Bentley Descartes SS4.

You are welcome to download it from Select sever 
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Her er de preliminære notes Bemærk det er et Standalone produkt !!
"Bentley Descartes Standalone V8i Beta 1 (    English
Bentley® Descartes™ V8i French - Advancing Information Modeling for Intelligent Infrastructure
Bentley Descartes is the one stop solution for editing and visualizing the kinds of huge data common in engineering and mapping projects today. These include imagery, point clouds and digital terrain models.
Designed to support production imaging, point cloud and terrain modeling workflows, Bentley Descartes is used around the world for mapping, civil engineering, pre-publishing of data, and other AEC projects.
Bentley Descartes is a comprehensive solution for aerial imagery, binary imagery, raster digital elevation modeling (DEM) and Oracle Spatial Georaster display. It contains tools that allow you to view, warp, reference, resample, edit, enhance, mosaic all your raster data. Descartes also includes tools to texture imagery onto 3D objects to create realistic urban models. Descartes also contains all the necessary tools to support binary raster editing and hybrid drawing workflows.
Descartes now includes tools to display Scalable Terrain Models (STM). An STM is very large terrain model composed of billions of points. Display of these models is at interactive speeds. The full resolution of the model is available for snapping and visualization. A number of display modes are available including triangles, contours, various shading modes such as elevation and slope as well as high resolution image draping.
Descartes extends its editing and analysis tools to 3D with the inclusion of advanced point cloud tools. These tools aid in reclassification of point clouds for improved downstream processing. Tools are also available to better understand the point cloud through enhanced visualization, select accurate points from the cloud for better modeling and tools to drape elements on the point cloud for improved modeling and feature extraction.
Key Features include:
Point-cloud class management for any type of presentation style - NEW!
Point-cloud new presentation styles that can be configured, saved, and managed - NEW!
The ability to expand beyond the 13 classes of the LAS file format by defining custom classes - NEW!
The ability to create and easily manage clips and sections of point-cloud - NEW!
Point-cloud support geographic coordinate systems - NEW!
Point-cloud now have the ability to extract linear features with a new set of tools, such as Model by Section and 3D Line Following - NEW!
It is now possible to perform viewshed analysis on STM - NEW!
Extraction of a MicroStation Terrain Model from a STM - NEW!"

As well as to exchange your thoughts/questions on the dedicated community:

I look forward for your feedbacks.